How to Change Your Life During a Pandemic (In a Good Way)

Cocoon and Evolve: Global Pandemic and Metamorphosis

Back in early March of 2020, a friend and I were talking about how it may be a good idea to stay home for a while. Cocoon and evolve were his wise words. We didn’t realize at the time that we were about to learn a potent lesson: How to change your life during a … Read more

Confessions of a Gambling Mom: Risk and Reputation in an Uncertain World

Photo of A Gambling Mom: Risk and Reputation in an Uncertain World

It’s been a while since my last post, and there are a few reasons for my blogging hiatus. One of them is that I have two young daughters ages 5 and 7 so much of my time is wrapped up in the demands of motherhood. I also have a “day job” (there’s also a reason … Read more

Pursuing Mastery: Adventures in High Stakes Poker

Pursuing Mastery in High Stakes Poker

Over the years I’ve kept this blog fairly impersonal. Although I share some of my stories, such as my results of 30 day challenges and occasional musings about my spiritual life, I haven’t really opened up about my own projects or aspirations. So in the spirit of personal growth and stretching my comfort zone, I’m … Read more

Shadow Work: Learning to See in the Dark

Shadow Work: Make the Unconscious Conscious

There’s an unsettling tendency in some spiritual circles to focus on all love and light. Yet there is a fine line between staying positive and being unaware of our own blind spots. Too much light can be blinding, and even young children know not to stare at the sun. The experience of being human contains … Read more

Finding Purpose Off The Beaten Path

Finding Purpose: Living With Purpose

Finding purpose is one of life’s mysterious challenges. I once drove across the Sierra Nevada mountains and listened to Carl Jung’s Memories, Dreams and Reflections. While my eyes witnessed the distant peaks and followed the bends of the winding road, my mind absorbed Jung’s deepest thoughts and candid musings about life and the human relationship … Read more

Potential: Living in the Powerful Realm of Possibilities

What will emerge this month during the 30 Day Writing Challenge? Oh the potential! Where will I venture? What will I document, explore, revisit, expand? I feel dreadfully excited but it doesn’t show on the surface, subdued by this sore throat thing that my body is fighting. The good side is that being under the … Read more

Live Your Best Life 30 Day Challenge

“I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass I want a personal assistant. Someone who will do all the things that I don’t seem to get done. Someone to whom I can delegate my to-do list and know that it … Read more

Transformation and the Hidden Power of Chores: Lessons from the Mundane

Anyone who has ever devoted the full intensity of honed human attention to a task knows that even the most mundane act has something deeper to offer. When we stay present with whatever we are doing, even a simple chore is an opportunity for transformation . This particular example of how chores can reveal hidden … Read more

Love, Ego, and Long Term Relationships

Caveat: this article mentions some statistics on marriage only to reveal a trend in our regard (and perhaps capacity) for a long-term relationship. But the discussion here applies to any human relationship, short or long or backed by a government certificate or not. I now present to you Love, Ego, and the Long Run, a … Read more

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom

The greatest threat to our freedom is so close to us we often miss it. Picture yourself fast asleep. Someone is asking you to wake up, but you are deep in a dream, and the call to awaken is experienced as a vague awareness that something is not quite right. We are in that dream, … Read more