The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom

The greatest threat to our freedom is so close to us we often miss it. Picture yourself fast asleep. Someone is asking you to wake up, but you are deep in a dream, and the call to awaken is experienced as a vague awareness that something is not quite right. We are in that dream, … Read more

How to Read the Signs: The Message of the Pussycat Hats

“something as simple as a hat can be profoundly and profanely illuminating, if you know how to read the signs” – Avery Gordon* This quote was scribbled into a notebook of mine from nearly 20 years ago. The words always intrigued me, and over the years they would haunt my thoughts, reappearing unexpectedly in moments … Read more

Life Changing Books: Everyday Zen: Love and Work

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck is one of the most powerful life changing books I’ve ever read. Joko reminds us to stop thinking life will be better at some other point in time. (After work. My day … Read more

Free Yourself to Improve Your Life

One of the most powerful ways to free yourself to change your life is to step back from your ego. A few weeks ago I wrote about how You Are Not Your Ego, and this topic is such a vital part of improving your life that I’m feeling compelled to elaborate. What is Ego? If … Read more

Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality: Best Book to Read to Change Your Life

Best Book to Read to Change Your Life: Awareness by de Mello

One of the best ways to change your life is to read a powerful book. Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality certainly fits that category. Awareness is about waking up, and fairly abruptly to boot. Anthony De Mello’s teaching style is very direct. Unlike many other books out there that attempt to handle this … Read more

What is Ego?

What is ego? It is the story we choose. When several people witness the same event, they have different perspectives, and they notice different things. A similar phenomenon takes place every moment as we process all the sensory information we’re receiving. Only a tiny fragment of the sensory information that we receive reaches our consciousness, … Read more

How Personal Responsibility Can Change Your Life

All the choices we have made up to this point in our lives have created the exact life we live at this very moment. Personal responsibility is a sensitive topic these days, but here’s an easy way to reveal how it exists in our lives: Take a look around you. The room you are in … Read more

What is Life?

What is Life? What is the Meaning of Life? Why Are We Here?

Let’s skip some airy-fairy intro to this topic. Seriously folks, what is life? What are we doing here? Why are we conscious, sentient beings? In our attempts to figure out What is life? we’ve got a couple certainties we can start with. For one, change is constant. Things change all the time whether we want … Read more