Babbel Review: After a Year, Does it Really Work?

Babbel Review: After a Year, Does it Really Work? Image of Aplphabet

There are more than 80 articles here on this blog and very few of them are product reviews. I only review things that have actually made my life better in some substantial way, or to provide information that my readers will find useful. This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small affiliate payment … Read more

Review of Every Mother Diastasis Recti Repair Exercise Program

Every Mother app review

My youngest daughter just turned six, and I’m finally getting around to healing my core from pregnancy and childbirth! I didn’t wait 6 years because I was lazy, quite the opposite. I spent 6 years doing the wrong things. I very rarely do a product review, this is my second one in over 10 years … Read more

Vitamix Review: How a High Speed Blender Changed My Life

Berry Breakfast Smoothie: Dairy-free Vegan with Flax

When you think of ways to change your life, improve your health, have more energy, money and free time, a high speed blender is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But after experiencing first hand what these beasts can do, I felt compelled to write this Vitamix review so that more people … Read more