Conscious Parenting and the Power of the Present Moment

Conscious Parenting and the Power of the Present Moment

Motherhood is hard. It is by far the most demanding and relentless responsibility I’ve ever had. The full reality of parenthood is not often talked about. There’s a lot of hype about how rewarding it is . . . yes . . . and . . . I never hear about any pre-parenthood counseling that … Read more

Children and Chaos: Embracing Self Care in Parenthood

Self Care Tips for Parents

When did self care become selfish? There’s a meme circulating on Facebook (and our culture at large) that says “You will never regret spending too much time with your kids.”  It showed up in my feed, and I confess to feeling dreadfully irritated by this seemingly benign message. Who is behind such propaganda? It’s akin … Read more

Love, Ego, and Long Term Relationships

Caveat: this article mentions some statistics on marriage only to reveal a trend in our regard (and perhaps capacity) for a long-term relationship. But the discussion here applies to any human relationship, short or long or backed by a government certificate or not. I now present to you Love, Ego, and the Long Run, a … Read more