Halloween Can Destroy Social Conditioning and That’s Why I Love It

Image of person wearing mask: Halloween Can Destroy Social Conditioning

A powerful synchronicity happened yesterday. I had a coaching session with the amazing Jessica Summers. What emerged from the session was how hiding myself and filtering my self expression might actually be the reason that I struggle to have the kind of financial outcomes that I want in life. My own social conditioning is sabotaging … Read more

Authenticity is the Magic Wormhole to Your Future Self

Image of wormhole: authenticity opens the path to future self

As I sit down to write this piece on authenticity and my future self, I feel that credit is due to a friend of mine, Vincent. For sharing his time and his truth, for all the deep dive phone calls that created a space for these ideas to emerge into our consciousness. There is something … Read more

It’s OK to Want: Follow What Your Heart Desires

photo of a gate with a poem

We wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for desire. On the most basic level, carnal desire compels our species to reproduce. It is a natural capacity of ours. When our ability to desire wanes it tends to be a sign that something is wrong. We see that in cases of depression, or when a relationship is … Read more

How to Change Your Life During a Pandemic (In a Good Way)

Cocoon and Evolve: Global Pandemic and Metamorphosis

Back in early March of 2020, a friend and I were talking about how it may be a good idea to stay home for a while. Cocoon and evolve were his wise words. We didn’t realize at the time that we were about to learn a potent lesson: How to change your life during a … Read more

Courting the Wild: How to Spark and Nurture a Love Affair with Nature

How to be a Nature Lover

As I attempt to tackle this lofty topic, I have some reservations. Writing about how to love nature is dangerous territory. The risks of spiritual pomposity or airy-fairy Walden-esque prose gather all around, waiting for the first chance to jump onto the page and turn this article into utter fluff.     There is also the … Read more

Transformation and the Hidden Power of Chores: Lessons from the Mundane

Anyone who has ever devoted the full intensity of honed human attention to a task knows that even the most mundane act has something deeper to offer. When we stay present with whatever we are doing, even a simple chore is an opportunity for transformation . This particular example of how chores can reveal hidden … Read more

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom

The greatest threat to our freedom is so close to us we often miss it. Picture yourself fast asleep. Someone is asking you to wake up, but you are deep in a dream, and the call to awaken is experienced as a vague awareness that something is not quite right. We are in that dream, … Read more