Change Yourself to Change Your Life


Do you have the power to change your life? Yes!

Imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of an ocean. You are surrounded by people, but everyone is in their own boat. A variety of supplies clutter each boat, yet some people seem oblivious to the cargo. Many of the people just drift, letting the tide guide their boat. Some spend all their time trying to catch enough fish to stay alive. Others excel at fishing, so they have more time to just sit and float.

Some people decide that a life of floating and fishing is not for them. They sort though the contents of the boat and realize they can make sails and oars to navigate their boats in a direction of their choice. They rig up fishing nets which free time for them to plot adventures to distant lands. They are not floaters, nor are they spending every day trying to survive. They are the captains of their ships. Their lives bloom with abundance, exploration, and adventure.

What are you doing in your boat? Do you struggle to stay afloat? Are you a fisherman? If you are, and you love fishing, then that is wonderful. But what if you would rather do something else with your days? Are you floating around, drifting with the tides of life? Or are you the captain of your ship? Do you create your life and your reality everyday?

You can change your life.

Some of us are born with disadvantages, but if you can sit and read this blog, then you have what it takes to sail instead of drift.

Changing your life requires effort.

No matter how stuck we feel, the first step towards freedom is to realize that “stuck” is a choice.

Many people would like to live somewhere else. Some use their job or the home they own to justify the compromise. They might even dislike the job they use to justify living somewhere they aren’t fond of. Yet they do not look for a new job because they don’t like change. Others feel trapped in marriages that give them little satisfaction, yet the thought of divorce (loaded with emotional and practical difficulties) is overwhelming to them.

Yet leaving a marriage or job does not guarantee lasting happiness. Some people find that the dissatisfaction they blamed on their partner or boss has followed them to their new life. That is because the problems they had were within themselves, and it is impossible to get away from oneself.

Change is both an internal and external process. Cleaning our house, moving to a new town, getting a new job, ending or beginning a relationship do not make us a new person. Changing who we are inside is what creates lasting change on the outside. This means transforming our habits, beliefs, values, thoughts, emotions, and reactions–changing the way our minds work.

Taking charge of your mind is vital in order to change your life. People whose boats have no sails must go where the current takes them. If we can’t control our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, then we are subject to the tides of our own minds. We must master our inner world before we can guide our outer world. When we improve ourselves, we improve our lives and the lives of those around us.


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