Channeling the Collective: Entropy and Change in these Strange Times


A few weeks ago when this strange time of pausing descended upon humanity, my dream world became more vivid than it’s ever been. Sleep became like boot camp in the content of my subconscious mind. This inspired my work on dream weaving, but also generated a lot of other insights and curiosities for me to explore, such as channeling. 

Channeling is something I’ve done spontaneously in the past. Sometimes a conversation takes on an intuitive flow to somewhere revealing, or during meditation when an idea comes through that has a particular quality of inspiration surrounding it. Writing sometimes has this quality for me . . . though I sometimes use that as an excuse not to write, because it is a lot more effort when some muse is not taking me upon its wings.    

These past few weeks I’ve been working with channeling more intentionally, setting aside time in my days to see what emerges. The other day I sat outside, listening to the Dionysian dawn chorus typical of a spring morning in the forest, and this piece is about the message that came through. 

When I am open to receiving information, the words that come through surprise me. The experience is not the same as thinking. Thoughts are familiar, I inherently know their trajectory and can anticipate the content. While channeling, I don’t know where the story is heading, and sometimes I even ask questions for clarity. There is also the understanding that each word that appears in my mind is loaded. Awaiting for its full meaning and implications to be unleashed in order to understand the message. As if a whole story is condensed into tight little packages that are bursting, like seeds about to germinate.

For the sake of this piece, I feel inclined to unfold the words first, and will share the raw content after . . .

The immediate understanding was that this message has to do with what is happening right now in the world. That this global emergency we are experiencing is necessary. It will reveal things to us that need to be seen, on all levels. In the inner world, our psyche, and in our individual lives, our habits, our choices, and even in our relationships, in how we communicate with each other. It will also reveal what needs to be seen in all our systems, across the world. 

The revelations that come as a result of this crisis will cause breakdowns, again on all levels. Systemic, mental, interpersonal. There will be the rapid decay of what no longer serves humanity.  What emerges from all this will be beneficial. So despite the turmoil of the transition, things will be fine, eventually.

The way we live, and the lenses we apply to life, are often the source of our pain. And the things we believe, which cause that pain, are not necessarily true. We are wise to examine our beliefs and actions closely, to see if they are serving us, or need to be left behind.

The way the world was, and some elements are still hoping it will be, was thriving on greed and depletion. This global crisis has ground us to a near halt so that we can make the necessary changes.   

This also goes way beyond lifestyle and livelihood. This cuts into the core of who we are, as sentient, conscious beings. That there is an illusion at work in the way we see ourselves as separate, and in an objective world. And that during this time, it is possible to awaken to the true nature of reality. We can help each other in this process, and are urged to do so.


The tone was very different than other times I’ve done a channeling practice. There was a feeling that was not benevolent, but not evil either, as if what was being communicated came from a place beyond such duality. There was also a sense that this message was important, that it applied to the collective sphere, and not to me as an individual. And that I somehow need to do something with this information. Behold, this article. Thank you for reading, and if something whispers for you to share it, please do. And for those of you who enjoy the esoteric, here it is, in the raw: 

Vital that it emerges
All the words
All the worlds

The pain
The misdirection

Through avarice
They move
In stillness 
It dissolves
The dream
The great illusion
Surmountable, indeed
With help