MasterClass Review: Is it Worth the Money?

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There are more than 80 articles here on this blog and very few of them are product reviews. I only review things that have actually made my life better in some substantial way, or to provide information that my readers will find useful. This post contains affiliate links and I receive a small affiliate payment if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. After subscribing to Master Class for a full year, I can vouch for the quality and depth of the courses that they offer. So I’m writing this MasterClass review to share my experience and to help my readers decide if it is something they want to try.

MasterClass: Is it worth the money? At $15 per month, the short version is YES.

What lured me to Master Class was Neil Gaiman’s course on the Art of Storytelling. He is one of my favorite authors, and every time I read his work I am in awe of his creativity. I get lost in the stories, but I also wonder what it takes to come up with such fabulous material. Full disclosure: I’m writing a novel. I even feel a bit nervous admitting that out loud, but it’s true. I’m one of those people who is working on a book . . . for the past year . . . or two . . . and I do not have any formal training in writing. My double major in sociology and psychology didn’t prepare me for crafting gripping, page-turning fiction.

Gaiman’s course on writing fiction was easy to digest and inspiring beyond my expectations. It gave me some practical tools for shaping my novel and moving the story forward. And I appreciate that I can download all the supplemental PDFs and revisit the material at a later time. I also zipped through Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers, which was also helpful, and offered a different perspective than Gaiman’s course.

My absolute favorite course (and the one that really inspired me to write this Master Class review) is Chris Voss’ Class on Negotiation. This class is seriously bad ass. I recommend it for anyone who wants to have the upper hand in business negotiations. With over a decade of experience selling real estate, I’m not a newbie to negotiating for large amounts of money. But we all negotiate in our lives. And if you have children, you might negotiate several hundred times a day (I wish I was joking). So what really works about this negotiation class is that the tactics and strategies that Voss lays out can easily be applied to parenting and resolving conflicts (to your liking) in many spheres of life. I also think that the ideas are powerful enough that there is some ethics involved in how you use them. This class alone is worth the price of a year subscription to Master Class.  

Shortly after starting my year of Master Class, I was delighted to discover that Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu both offered courses on poker strategy. Before the world shut down from COVID, I was deep down the poker rabbit hole, exploring how to master live cash games. This Master Class review would not be complete without me taking a moment to rave about how awesome both of these classes are. As someone who has played poker for over 16 years, even semi-professionally, I think the information is definitely at the pro level, but still easy for a recreational player to understand and apply. For any poker player, the master classes on poker are well worth the small price of the subscription.

During my year of taking Master Classes, I found the app really easy to use. 

I often would listen to an episode while exercising, and then download any PDF material to my laptop at another time. I wasn’t that great at reviewing the supplemental PDFs, but I feel that most of the value was in the class videos anyways. The app always worked great, and I loved the option of being able to download videos so that I can watch them without using data, which came in handy on road trips.

I dabbled in several more classes, such as cooking, singing, etc but to really get the most out of a class does require a little time management and there are only so many spare hours in my life for personal development. I decided to end my subscription after a year because at that time there weren’t more courses that I wanted to take. But Master Class is always adding new teachers and material, so my plan is to wait until there are several new classes that I want to take and then I will subscribe again soon.  (Next on my list is taking Sara Blakely’s Master Class on Entrepreneurship. Once upon a time she sold fax machines, until she invented a line of shapewear and made Forbes’ list of billionaires in 2019 . . . I’m confident she can teach me something.)

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