Potential: Living in the Powerful Realm of Possibilities


Potential: Living in the Powerful Realm of Possibilities

What will emerge this month during the 30 Day Writing Challenge? Oh the potential! Where will I venture? What will I document, explore, revisit, expand? I feel dreadfully excited but it doesn’t show on the surface, subdued by this sore throat thing that my body is fighting.

The good side is that being under the weather has given me incentive to just sit at my computer more than usual. Spending time on the computer is something that I tend to avoid these days, but if I can learn to bring it into harmony and balance with everything else in my life, it is a powerful tool for communication, learning, and income. Why such disdain for bright little doorway to the technological realm?

My aversion to it feels instinctual, as if it is pulling me further from the natural multi-dimensional world, the world that I want to dive deeper into each and every day, the world that whispers to me every time I look out the window or walk past a sprouting mystery-seed.

In that sprouting mystery-seed lies potential. Those first simple leaves it will shed as it unfolds its own unique character. I see the sprout and I cannot help but wonder: What will it become? What will its flower look like? Is it edible? What medicine does it contain?

That same curiosity compels me to write this blog. What an arrogant venture, to attempt to inspire people to live their best life. Pah! Who am I to think I can influence such an intimate decision? (Asks my internalized-evil-stepmother.) But the truth is that I see the potential in everyone and everything, the full power that wants to emerge and is just waiting for our nod.

Seeing potential is not a superpower. I do not see the many different paths we each have to take to grow. I do not know the reasons we choose to wallow in complacency instead of pursuing our dreams. It is not my place to tell people how or where or when. All I see is the raw, brilliant, and powerful glow of possibility.

On a practical level, potential-vision is handy when renovating dilapidated homes, or building our dream home on a piece of land that no one wanted. And as I walk that land each day, I am often overwhelmed at the pulse of nature that emanates from every inch of it. Where some people see invasive weeds and steep terrain, I see the future as if summer is already here, its spirit in full glory: branches heavy with fruit and flowers blooming everywhere, bees and dragonflies and Spider Medicine, the spirits of Fox and Bear walking, the roots of Madrone and Cedar reaching deep into the earth . . .

When it comes to human relationships, potential-vision is somewhat sad but also beautiful. There is always a discrepancy between who we are and who we are capable of being, and that gap can be dark and disappointing.

It requires vigilance to see and respond to people in my life while honoring who they are now instead of wishing they would step into their most radiant form that I see hovering around them like a divine apparition. I try to stay in consensual reality as much as possible, but there are times that I can’t help myself, and I will speak directly to someone’s highest Self. We live in a world where it is taboo to address the soul face-to-face, and what a dreadful shame.

And so I write because I have to, because I cannot ignore the call. It is a socially acceptable way of invoking human potential. If my words can be a catalyst for just one person somewhere in the world, if they can create one ripple of change in a life, that is reason enough.

So if you’ve read this far . . . rise up, don’t be shy. Reduce that murky anxious space between who you have been and who you long to be. Step into that splendid full-bloom version of your life that is always within reach, if you just acknowledge its presence.