Review of Every Mother Diastasis Recti Repair Exercise Program

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My youngest daughter just turned six, and I’m finally getting around to healing my core from pregnancy and childbirth! I didn’t wait 6 years because I was lazy, quite the opposite. I spent 6 years doing the wrong things.

First off, I very rarely do a product review (unless you count book reviews). This is my second one in over 10 years of blogging! So when I recommend something, I mean it. I feel like the world has to know about this, which is why I am writing this review of Every Mother.

(***August 2020 UPDATE: It took me just about 4 months to completely resolve my Diastasis Recti! In the process I lost over 2 inches off my waist. I am thrilled with the results and I even recommended this program to my own mother, and it’s been quite a long time since she gave birth . . . but everyone can benefit from the incredible level of core strength that this exercise program yields.)

So here’s my story:

After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to get in shape. So I went to yoga on a regular basis, and ran mile after mile. I drank smoothies, did all sorts of ambitious 30 Day Challenges, went to the gym, listened to endless podcasts while doing the boring elliptical machine. Watched videos about getting a flat stomach made by trainers who had babies and still had sexy abs . . . 

I did this for years . . . and still . . . that round pooch persisted! Which really stands out on me because I’m small boned and flat chested and tiny otherwise. I started to suspect that something was up with my core, and that I wasn’t doing the right things. (Really, as many mamas know, it’s not fun to pee when you sneeze or cough.)

I finally broke down after a month of CrossFit, when I tried to explain to a male trainer that I can’t jump rope without peeing. And he’s like “Hey, lots of women feel like they might pee when they jump, it’s not abnormal.” And I’m thinking: No dude, I don’t mean that I feel like I have to pee. I know the difference, I’m in my forties. I mean I will have to leave your class and change my clothes. Not okay.

So I did some research, because I come from one of those really scientific families that encourages that sort of thing. And I found the Every Mother Program that was proven to heal diastasis recti, which is exactly the issue that I wasn’t addressing. Most of the things I was doing only make it worse!

Much cheaper than my gym membership, the Every Mother program has a simple app that only costs me about $15 a month. For the price of one yoga class, I get a short daily workout for an entire month, tailored to exactly what my core can handle. There is just enough variety to keep it interesting, and many of the workouts are restorative yet very effective.

review of Every Mother program and app

The photo above is from 50 days in, and I’m super pleased with my results. Okay so I don’t look like a personal trainer, but not too shabby for a woman in her 40s who loves bread and chocolate and had 2 babies . . . I’ve already lost over an inch off my waist, and my diastasis recti is not as bad as it was before I started.

I’ve also learned how to know when my core and pelvic floor cannot handle what I’m doing, especially with things like carrying heavy loads or too much garden work. So I can ease off before undoing all my progress!

Review of Every Mother Program and App

My own results inspired me to be an affiliate for EveryMother. They give me a small referral fee, but also I genuinely hope more women who suffer from pelvic floor and core weakness after pregnancy and birth learn about this awesome app.

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