Channeling the Collective: Entropy and Change in these Strange Times

Channeling the Collective: Entropy and Change in these Strange Times

A few weeks ago when this strange time of pausing descended upon humanity, my dream world became more vivid than it’s ever been. Sleep became like boot camp in the content of my subconscious mind. This inspired my work on dream weaving, but also generated a lot of other insights and curiosities for me to … Read more

How to Change Your Life During a Pandemic (In a Good Way)

Cocoon and Evolve: Global Pandemic and Metamorphosis

Back in early March of 2020, a friend and I were talking about how it may be a good idea to stay home for a while. Cocoon and evolve were his wise words. We didn’t realize at the time that we were about to learn a potent lesson: How to change your life during a … Read more

Finding Purpose Off The Beaten Path

Finding Purpose: Living With Purpose

Finding purpose is one of life’s mysterious challenges. I once drove across the Sierra Nevada mountains and listened to Carl Jung’s Memories, Dreams and Reflections. While my eyes witnessed the distant peaks and followed the bends of the winding road, my mind absorbed Jung’s deepest thoughts and candid musings about life and the human relationship … Read more

Potential: Living in the Powerful Realm of Possibilities

What will emerge this month during the 30 Day Writing Challenge? Oh the potential! Where will I venture? What will I document, explore, revisit, expand? I feel dreadfully excited but it doesn’t show on the surface, subdued by this sore throat thing that my body is fighting. The good side is that being under the … Read more

Live Your Best Life 30 Day Challenge

“I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass I want a personal assistant. Someone who will do all the things that I don’t seem to get done. Someone to whom I can delegate my to-do list and know that it … Read more

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom

The greatest threat to our freedom is so close to us we often miss it. Picture yourself fast asleep. Someone is asking you to wake up, but you are deep in a dream, and the call to awaken is experienced as a vague awareness that something is not quite right. We are in that dream, … Read more

How to Take Your Life to the Next Level

Many of us aspire to do something meaningful with our lives. The word aspire comes from the Latin to breathe, so there is a clue here that on some level, if we are not aspiring, we are not breathing, and we all know what happens if you stop breathing. You may not drop dead immediately … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Spend Less Time Online

Real Life: Spend Less Time Online to Live Your Best Life

We are living in a time that offers us countless ways of escaping real life. And while clicking on headlines on the internet might not be as taboo or destructive as an opium habit, it is still a form of distraction that steals us away from reality and eats away at free time we could … Read more

One Simple Habit that Makes Life Easier

Surrender. A word I did not use much until I had children, and then it emerged as one of the central experiences of motherhood. Yet one does not have to be a parent to embrace this concept. The ability to surrender is a powerful tool for mastering your thoughts and emotions. The next time you … Read more

Time Management: A Simple Way to Have More Free Time

Time Management: A Simple Way to Have More Free Time

I stopped writing for a year. It was a time management decision, but one that honored the fact that I could not continue writing this blog without being a hypocrite. Living my best life does NOT mean staring at my computer while my one and a half year old is holding my leg saying mama … Read more