What To Do When Bored In Any Situation

What To Do When Bored: Photo of Magdalena

I’m never bored. It’s not because I have some magic list of what to do when bored. I just don’t experience boredom, perhaps in the same way that a sociopath doesn’t experience empathy.  In the past I’ve tried to explain this to bored friends (who were certainly not bored from hanging out with me, ahem, … Read more

Dream Weaving: Self Knowledge, Waking Reality, and the Underworld

Dream Weaving: Self Knowledge, Waking Reality, and the Underworld

Dreaming. An (imaginary . . . ?) world we enter while we sleep. But the word dreaming is also used to describe our ability to envision our future, our desires and intentions, so that we can find the ways and paths to make our dreams into reality. In dream weaving, these two ways of dreaming … Read more

The Freedom of Uncertainty: Liberation in Loving the Unknown

The Freedom of Uncertainty: Liberation In Loving the Unknown

I have 19 chapters of a novel written. I have no idea if it will ever be published, or what will happen if it is, or how I will feel if it isn’t. The haunting to write compels me to invest my time and energy, despite the storm of uncertainty it brings on its heels. … Read more

What is Reality?

What is Reality? Exploring the True Nature of Reality

I woke up before dawn with the strange sensation that my mind was like a hinge, and when the hinge was open there was enough space in between the bits of metal that my thoughts could stream past without waking me up, like a draft through an old door. But if the hinge closed, the … Read more

Shadow Work: Learning to See in the Dark

Shadow Work: Make the Unconscious Conscious

There’s an unsettling tendency in some spiritual circles to focus on all love and light. Yet there is a fine line between staying positive and being unaware of our own blind spots. Too much light can be blinding, and even young children know not to stare at the sun. The experience of being human contains … Read more

Conscious Parenting and the Power of the Present Moment

Conscious Parenting and the Power of the Present Moment

Motherhood is hard. It is by far the most demanding and relentless responsibility I’ve ever had. The full reality of parenthood is not often talked about. There’s a lot of hype about how rewarding it is . . . yes . . . and . . . I never hear about any pre-parenthood counseling that … Read more

Finding Freedom: Devotion, Divinity, and the Shackles of Allegiance

Devotion: Finding Freedom in Divinity

When I was a young child my imaginary friend was God. Not the loaded definition that sets off some sort of reaction in just about everyone, but something simple. Formless and boundless. Silent and wise. When life got intense or ridiculous we hung in there together, witnessing the storms. When life got boring we stuck … Read more

Transformation and the Hidden Power of Chores: Lessons from the Mundane

Anyone who has ever devoted the full intensity of honed human attention to a task knows that even the most mundane act has something deeper to offer. When we stay present with whatever we are doing, even a simple chore is an opportunity for transformation . This particular example of how chores can reveal hidden … Read more