Love, Ego, and Long Term Relationships

Caveat: this article mentions some statistics on marriage only to reveal a trend in our regard (and perhaps capacity) for a long-term relationship. But the discussion here applies to any human relationship, short or long or backed by a government certificate or not. I now present to you Love, Ego, and the Long Run, a … Read more

The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom

The greatest threat to our freedom is so close to us we often miss it. Picture yourself fast asleep. Someone is asking you to wake up, but you are deep in a dream, and the call to awaken is experienced as a vague awareness that something is not quite right. We are in that dream, … Read more

What is Ego?

What is ego? It is the story we choose. When several people witness the same event, they have different perspectives, and they notice different things. A similar phenomenon takes place every moment as we process all the sensory information we’re receiving. Only a tiny fragment of the sensory information that we receive reaches our consciousness, … Read more