The Scary China Study Book Review: Eat More Vegetables

Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe Almond Garlic Ricotta

Here’s the short version of this China Study book review: If you read the book, you will probably eat more vegetables. If you don’t mind reading a book that shows you how to have more energy, lose weight, look younger, and potentially add years to your life, then The China Study (by T. Colin Campbell … Read more

Chocolate Almond Smoothie Recipe (Dairy Free, Sugar Free)

This chocolate almond smoothie is dairy-free and sugar-free yet has a fabulous ice-cream/milkshake consistency. I created this smoothie during my 30 day sugar free challenge to survive chocolate cravings. I was allowed to eat fruit during the no-sugar challenge, so this smoothie uses frozen banana. Frozen bananas are a brilliant way to give an ice-cream … Read more

Avocado Smoothie Recipe: Vegan Green Smoothie

Turns out that giving up sugar for 30 days has a side effect: smoothie addiction! The high speed blender doesn’t even make it back into the cupboard around here anymore. One of our favorites is this mesmerizing Avocado Smoothie Recipe. AVOCADO GREEN SMOOTHIE 1 avocado 1 banana 1 cup pineapple juice (look for 100% NOT … Read more