Vitamix Review: How a High Speed Blender Changed My Life


When you think of ways to change your life, improve your health, have more energy, money and free time, a high speed blender is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But after experiencing first hand what these beasts can do, I felt compelled to write this Vitamix review so that more people can experience the benefits of owning a high speed blender.

It is rare for me to feature a product in a blog article, because there are very few “material things” in the world that can change your life. Changing your habits and improving your life is a process that starts within, and not something that can be bought. But a high speed blender is an exception! Thus this Vitamix review. (I do get a teeny tiny affiliate payment when someone buys a product that I link to, but I only write reviews of things that I really believe  everyone should try because they make life better.)

So did a blender really change my life? Yes. . . for lo and behold . . . a high-speed blender is not your typical blender. The high-speed blender can do things that regular blenders envy. These amazing blenders give you the power to create food and drinks that other people have to buy because they can’t make them at home.

In this Vitamix review, I’m revealing what a high speed blender can do for you:

Help You Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is easy when you own a high speed blender. You’ll find yourself tossing things into smoothies that a normal blender would struggle with. (The Vitamix, for example, can handle the toughest smoothie ingredients, like blackberries, raspberries, nuts and seeds, even veggies like carrots and broccoli blend up smooth!) As you explore the possibilities, you end up consuming tons of fruits and veggies. You might even develop a green smoothie habit, because it’s just such a thrill to put healthy food into your high speed blender and watch it blend up creamy and smooth in seconds.

Help You Save Time

If you’re having a busy day and you don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal, smoothies are the ultimate fast food. Just grab a few things that taste good together and toss them into your blender. Smoothies made with nuts, seeds, and vegetables are more filling and nutritious than all fruit smoothies, so don’t be afraid to experiment with hearty ingredients because the blender can make that extra nourishment smooth and easy to drink.

You can also save lots of time by using a high speed blender to make pasta sauce or stir fry sauce. Most sauce recipes call for time-consuming ingredients like minced garlic, chopped onion, or freshly ground black pepper. With these powerful blenders, you can take shortcuts and simply toss all the sauce ingredients into the blender, blend, and then pour the sauce into your pot or skillet to simmer. Using a high speed blender to make sauce can easily save you a half hour of precious evening time after a long day of work.

Help You Save Money

I know at first glance it seems suspicious that an expensive kitchen appliance can help you save money, but if you use this magic blender wisely, it is true. You can make things at home for a fraction of what they cost in the store. A high speed blender can make non-dairy milks like nut milk, coconut milk, and even soy and rice milk. It can also make fancy frozen drinks like blended iced mochas. So if you spend money on packages of nut milks, or if you have a habit of buying blended drinks at coffee shops or urban smoothie shops, you know how fast those $5 drinks add up. These blenders give you the ability to make your favorite drinks anytime you want, so you won’t think it is so great to spend $5 on something that you can easily whip up at home.

So why isn’t a high speed blender as ubiquitous as the microwave? If you don’t own a Vitamix, don’t worry, there are many people just like you. It’s fairly normal not to own a blender that costs a few hundred dollars. But here’s the secret. The price tag may seem scary if you look at it in a bubble, but if you step back and look at the big picture, a fancy blender can actually save you money. All those $5 bills you save from not buying over-priced frozen drinks, smoothies, and nut milks will accumulate, and soon enough your blender has paid for itself!

This Vitamix review barely touches on all of the great things a high speed blender can do, such as raw food and vegan desserts, breads, pancake batters, ice cream and so forth. I chose the Vitamix and I find the variable speed option super useful for getting the texture just right for different recipes. I got mine this summer after my smoothie habit killed my regular old blender and I’m only beginning to explore the possibilities.


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